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Just like espresso is a small, concentrated shot of coffee, full of bright aromatics and easily identified tasting notes, WP Single Shots, are smaller, more concentrated cups of WordPress knowledge. The same, comprehensive rundown that you’d ever need to get the most out of WordPress, broken down into short video tutorials so you can taste just the exact features you need at any given time.

No matter what you do with WordPress, you want to be empowered to build and manage your own website! WP Single Shots provides you an arsinal of brief, easy-to-follow video tutorials on every aspect of WordPress and essential plugins like Yoast SEO, popular advanced plugins like WooCommerce, and Google Analytics for helping you market your website to your audience.

Over 105 video tutorials for WordPress, SEO, eCommerce integration, form design, and analytics.
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WP Single Shots WordPress video tutorials are always up-to-date following new releases of WP and essential plugins.

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